Thursday, March 14, 2019


Matt Hemphill has taken a different position with GLKC.  Matt has accepted the Superintendent position at Shiloh Springs Golf Course.  We appreciate everything Matt did for us at Staley Farms and we wish him the best. 

Gregg Dutton has taken the Superintendent position at Royal Meadows.  Greg was a great Assistant Superintedent at Staley and we are thrilled to promote him to his first Superintendet position.  Greg will do great and we are happy for him. 

I am currently the Director of Agronomy for GLKC and I oversee all of the GLKC Superintendents.  My job is to recruit, train, and retain great maintenance staff.  We are building our team and getting stronger each year.  The latest moves made our company the strongest it has been in my tenure at GLKC. 

I would like to introduce Brien Agler as our new Superintendent of Staley Farms Golf Club.

Brien was born and raised in Fayetteville, Arkansas where his parents still live to this day.  His father is a PGA golf professional which is where his love for the game came from. As a kid Brien would go to work with his dad in the summer and spend the entire day hitting balls and swimming in the pool…. He says he had it made. As Brien got into junior high and high school, his summers were spent with his Mom, traveling throughout the region playing in golf tournaments which ended up earning him a scholarship to play collegiate golf. Then after 1 year he realized how good you really needed to be in order to make the tour so Brien decided to come back home to Fayetteville and finish his college career. Brien had really enjoyed agriculture classes in high school so he decided to combine that with his passion for golf. So, four years later he graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Degree in Turfgrass Management. After 8 years as an assistant in the state of Arkansas at 2 high end country clubs, Brien made the move to Kansas City in order to find a bigger and better golf market. He landed at The National Golf Club of Kansas City for 2 years and Indian Hills Country Club for 3 until he received his first Head Superintendent Position at Deer Creek Golf Club. Brien has been at Deer Creek since April of 2017 and has improved the overall golf course maintenance operation in his time there. Brien was awarded Superintendent of the year honors in 2017 by the Heart of America Golf Course Superintendent Association.  Brien is excited and honored to now become Head Golf Course Superintendent at Staley Farms where he will continue improve course conditions and all maintenance operations.

Please join me in welcoming Brien Agler to Staley Farms Golf Club

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


We started the bunker project January 2017.  We laid out a plan to complete the project in two years.  We came very close to achieving that goal, but the weather has slowed us down a bit.  As I look at the video of the bunkers we sprayed that first winter, it is a drastic contrast from the winter we experienced in 2018/2019.  We obviously haven't been able to do much outside work this winter with snow on the ground for most of the winter.  The staff is anxious to get outside and the bunkers will be one of our highest priorities once winter breaks. 

We are planning to resume the bunker project April 1st.  We will give the course some time to thaw, and dry out before we start driving heavy equipment out there. We are also planning to aerate greens the 25th through the 27th of March (weather permitting) and that will take our entire crew to complete that process.

Bunker status update:
We started with 100,000 square feet of bunkers.  That is 2.3 acres!  That is a big number for an 18 hole golf course.  We reduced the square footage by nearly 14,000 square feet to make the bunkers more manageable. 

The great news is that we only have 8 bunkers left to complete. 

We have 4 bunkers shaped into depressions.  The shaper Doug Thackery did an outstanding job, we are lucky to have access to his talent.  These bunkers include 7 fairway right side, 16 fairway right side, 3 green back right, 13 fairway right side.  We will be seeding them as soon as the ground dries up.

There are two bunkers that are cored out, drainage installed, rock installed, and polymer treated.  The last step with these is to add the sand.  This will take place starting April 1st. 

This will leave two bunkers left to complete the project.  These bunkers include the front left green side bunker on 7 and the left fairway bunker on 9.  We will completely change the shape and contour of these bunkers to reduce the size and practicality of these hazards.  This will involve a skilled shaper so Doug will return to help us finish the last two bunkers. 

The Staley Farms staff as well as Chris, Justin, Doug, and Daryl did terrific quality work and we appreciate your efforts.  Thank you Great Life KC for your commitment to Staley Farms.   

Lastly we extend our gratitude to the Staley Farms members and guests.  We appreciate your patience and support of projects like this that improve our club.

The weather is getting better by the day.  We are excited for the 2019 golf season at Staley Farms Golf Club.         

Thursday, July 20, 2017


The summer heat has set in and we are working hard to keep the condition of the course at a championship level.

We dial in our water management practices due to the drought stress we see due to the heat.

We also put extra resources into fungal disease management. We treated fairways this morning with fungicide to prevent and slow down fungal pressure. We put extra emphasis on 11, 12, and 13 fairways. Air movement helps reduce disease pressure and these fairways see the least amount of air movement.

We have Bentgrass fairways and they are very susceptible to fungal disease. Other courses with Zoysia do not have this issue. We want to set a reasonable expectation for our Bentgrass fairway condition. We will have some setbacks, but please trust that we will have the seeder ready to bring these areas back quickly.

The extreme pressure window starts July 1 and goes until August 15th. On August 15th we typically see lower night time temps, shorter days, and better growing conditions for out Bentgrass fairways.

Thank you for your continued support of our efforts.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Matt and the crew are building water coolers. We are almost done with them. We have been taking advantage of the rain events to stay in the shop a few hours building these cooler houses. They will allow us to improve the look on the course while improving the cooler security for safety.

We should have them out this weekend for the holiday.

Nice work Matt!!!!


We have had a wet spring and it has been difficult to schedule sod installation. It is too wet this week and we will be busy over the holiday so we are planning to install the sod next week.

Thanks for your patience.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


TOPEKA SOD FARM CONSTRUCTION is spraying polymer in bunkers today.  They have approximately 10,000 square feet prepared for spraying today.  After today we will have all of the front nine green-side bunkers ready for sand with the exception of 3 and 7.  We are going to eliminate the back right green bunker on 3 as it is basically out of plan and we are attempting to reduce our bunker square footage.  We are also going to re-shape the bunkers on 7 green as that bunker is too large and we can shape it into a few smaller bunkers that will be easier to maintain and still provide the architecture that was intended for that hole.

We would like to thank the TSFC crew for working through the cold days this winter to keep our construction project on track. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


We had a shop full of Superintendents in our maintenance facility this week for a discussion about bunkers and specifically the Better Billy Bunker system.  Jerry Lemons was here representing Better Billy and gave a very informative talk about bunker history, challenges, and opportunities.

It was a great venue for us to discuss each person's bunker challenges and how the industry has changed with some of the new technology that is available to Superintendents.  We had 43 Superintendents in our facility and we enjoyed the seminar.